Tuesday, May 21, 2013

5-403 - Twitter

Students of class 5-403,
Last week we did our first lesson about Twitter and how to post a tweet. Today we did a quick review.

I would like you to comment with answers to a few questions. This is a bit of a quiz on some of the terms we learned last week as well as a personal reflection.

Here are the questions (the first 6 are short answer, the last 2 are extended response)...

  1. what is the # symbol called?
  2. if you are tweeting for the lab what # will you always use?
  3. what are the 3 PS10 #s?
  4. how many characters can a tweet be?
  5. do pictures count as characters?
  6. what is the Computer Lab Twitter name?
  7. what do you think about Twitter?
  8. what are your thoughts about instantly publishing your work to the world?

Please answer all the questions. You are allowed to answer 1-6 as simple, short, responses. 7 & 8 need more detail in full & complete sentences.

We will review all the questions and answers, as well as all proper tweeting procedures once everyone has commented.

Thank you!

Remember - Comment as "Name/URL" and use your first name and last initial (proper capitalization, no URL)- please respond in full and complete sentences - double check your work before posting your comment.


Luis P said...

1. Hash Tag
2. #PS10st
3. #PS10st, #PS10sw, #PS10bk
4. 140
5. Yes, because the consume space
6. #PS10Tech
7. I think that Twitter is a good way to communicate and chat with people all over the world.
8.I would say that you shold always check what you wrote because, it is going out to the world, and it can be used against you or anyone else.

Anthony P said...

1. The Symbol you are referring to is called the hash tag.


3. ps10sw, ps10bk, ps10st.

4. 140 characters is the maximum amount of characters.

5. Yes the do.

6. PS10Tech

7. I think it is a great tool for sharing your thoughts to the public.

8. I think it is a great thing for showing other people your skills and thoughts.

Jayla J said...

1. This character is called a hyphen
2. #ps10st
3. The 3 PS10 names are #ps10bk, #ps10sw, and ps10st.
4. 140 characters
5. yes they do.
6. PS10Tech

7. i think that twitter is not too great. I think that because on Facebook you can play games. Although on Twitter you pretty much only tweet , add friends, and search people.

8. I think It's cool. I think that because if I forgot to add a family member maybe when I post something they will see it.

SevahD said...

1. hashtag
2. ps10st
3. ps10st ps10sw ps10bk
4. 140 characters
5. yes
6. ps10tech
7.i think twitter is a little bad because if you make a mistake you'll never get it back and it may leave a big stain on your safety
8. i think its dangerous because if you instantly post a comment and make a mistake, this little mistake can become a big mistake.

Jake L. said...

1. The hashtag symbol
2. #PS10st
3. #PS10st #PS10sw #ps10bk
4. 140 characters
5. Yes. But the amount of characters varies.
6. @PS10Tech
7. I think Twitter is a great way to communicate with friends online, and I think it's a great way to meet new people! I love how Twitter limits the amounts of characters you can write in a tweet, though it's frustrating at times. I also think it's a great way to teach online safety.
8. I think that Twitter should at least give you a confirm box before sending your ideas to the world. You could write something that you didn't really want to publish and accidentally send it. You could get a lot of hate for it and- worse case scenario- could lead to depression.

Alex W. said...

1. hashtag
2. #ps10st
3. #ps10st
4. Maximum: 140
5. Yes
6. @PS10Tech
7. I think twitter is a good because it lets you express your thoughts in a limited fashion. Hence, you have to think carefully about what you say. I also think it is good because it publishes your comment to the whole world.
8. I think publishing work to the world is awesome because other people around the world get to see your comments, current news, and you don't even have to have a twitter account you can just visit the website.

Jonathan said...

1.The # symbol is called a hashtag
2. #ps10sw
3. #ps10sw, #ps10st, #ps10bk
4. A Tweet can be 140 characters
5. Yes pictures count as characters
6. I think Twitter is not as good as Facebook because Twitter's Tweets are limited to 140 characters, while Facebook's comments have an unlimited number of characters.
8. I think it's cool and uncool to publish comments to the world, because if the comment/picture is for someone like family or friends, I don't want someone who can easily make fun of it to see the Tweet.

Oscar Monteleone said...

1. A Hashtag
2. #Ps10 ST
3. #ps10Bk, #ps10St and #ps10Sw
4. 140 characters
5. yes
6. PS10tech
7. I think twitter is cool it can post pictures to people all around the world and is a way you can post your accomplishments and stuff like that.
8. I think certain things should be shared with the world. Especially our school's pictures, it shows what a good school we are.

jack h said...

1. Its called a hashtag
2.We use #ps10st
3. The 3 ps10 #s are #ps10bk,#ps10st, and, ps10sw
4.A tweet can have up to 140 characters
5. Pictures do count as characters.
6.The ps10 computer lab twitter name is @ps10tech

marc b. said...

3.#ps10sw #ps10st #ps10bk
7.Twitter is cool because it gives you a way to tell the people of the world what you are thinking.
8.I think it is kind of cool but also a little weird. I think everyones tweets should be contained to their followers.

Andy l said...

1 Hashtag
4 I think 140
5 yes
6 ps10tech
7 I think that twitter is good because it helps you make knew people.
8 I would say that it will be great

Jennifer Lara said...

1.its a hashtag
3.ps10 Bk# and ps10w# and ps10tech#
4.you can have 140 characters
5.yes pictures do count as charters
6.its called p.s.10tech
7.For me I think that twitter is great for a number of reasons.one reason why is because it tweet any thing that you write and I is really fun.it is also great because you friends don't have to have a twitter to see your tweet.These are just some thing why i like twitter.

Allan C said...

3.#ps10st #ps10bk #ps10sw
7.What I think about twitter is awesome

Alizah E. said...

1. Hashtag
2. # PS10
3. #PS10BK, #PS10SW #PS10SW
4. 140 characters
5. Yes the do
6. P.S. 10 Tech

7. I think

8. I think it is very fun because you can share your opinion with the world and if you would like to get an important message across to the world you can.

Jasmin B. said...

1. Hashtag
2. #ps10st
3. #ps10st, #ps10sw, #ps10bk
4. 140
5. yes
7. I think our twitter account is a good idea because it allows other schools to see what we do when school is in progress. Twitter is also a good exercise to teach us about writing in full sentences with correct punctuation and grammar. Twitter also allows people to talk to others millions of miles away from their home.
8. I think instantly publishing your work to the world is a bad idea because you might forget to write or fix something and the entire world will see your mistake.

JodiF. said...

1. Hashtag
2. I was not present during the lesson
3. I was not present during the lesson
4. 140 characters
5. Yes, pictures do count as characters
6. ps10 tech
7. I believe Twitter is a good way talk and share exciting news with "pen pals" (aka followers).But I also believe that the Internet isn't always the safest place. Check over what you post. Over all, my answer is twitter is good, but be carful

Andrik M. said...

1. hashtag
4.140 characters
5.yes pictures do count as characters.
6. @ps10tech
7.i think its good because you can learn from it like research.
8.i think you should be able to erase it if you want because maybe you dont want it their later, or you want to fix it

Janice said...

1) A hashtag symbol
2) Student st
3) #ps10bk #ps10st and #ps10sw
4) 140 characters
5) Yes.
6) P.S.10 Tech
7)I think that twitter is really cool because it's a lot of fun going on twitter and looking at other peoples tweets.
8) I think it's really cool that other people get to see your tweets, because you might take a picture of something you might not get to see every day, and then once you tweet it, other people get to see the rare photo you took.

Gabby P. said...

1. A hashtag
2. #P.S.10 ST
3. #ps10BK, #ps10ST,and #ps10SW
4. 140 characters
5. Yes.
6. ps10tech

7. I think that Twitter is very cool. I think this because you can share your thoughts with different people around the world. You can also meet people you have never meet before.

8. I don't think that is smart. If you publish right away you don't have time to check your work. You can have silly grammar mistakes.

Ellis Naranjo said...

1. hashtag
2. # ps10st
3. # ps10st, # ps10sw, # ps10bk
4. 140
5. yes
6. P. S. 10tech
7. I think it is a great way to let other people see your doing but I also think that if non-responsible use it, things can get out of hand.
8. I think you shouldn't publish your work to the world immediately because if you don't re-check, your

kimberly R. said...

1. hash tag
3.#PS10sw, #PS10st,and #PS10bk
4. 140 characters
5. pictures do count as characters
6. #PS10Tech
7. I think that twitter is fine
8. My thoughts about publishing your work to the world is reading over what you have because you might say something mean to one another and just think it was just a joke and didn't mean it.

Christopher Mata said...

1.A hash tag
2.#ps P.S.10 ST
3. not sure
4.10 characters
5. yes
6.ps tech
7. what i think about twitter is that is great why i think that is because you can twit with other people it is fun.
8.What are my thoughts

janette nolazco said...

1.A hash tag
3.not sure
4.10 characters
6.ps teach

Teresina T said...

1. This # is called hashtag
3. #ps10st, #ps10sw and #ps10bk
4. A tweet can be 140 characters long
5. Pictures do count as characters
6. #ps10Tech
7. I think that Twitter is

Henry D said...

1. Hashtag
2. #ps10st
3. p10st, p10sw, ps10kb
4. 140 characters
5. Yes
6. ps10tech
7. I think twitter is a great way to communicate with friends, because without twitter, it wouldn't be as easy to have a nice chat.
8. Be careful what you write, because if you make a mistake, or said something you didn'n want to say, it's on line forever.

BriannaP. said...

1. hash tag
2. #PS10st
3. #PS10st, #PS10sw and #PS10bk
4. 140
5. yes, a picture does count as characters because it consumes characters
6. #PS10Tech
7. I think that twitter is awesome because it is a simple way of communicating with your friends
8. I think that twitter is a cool way of typing to your friends because you get to answer to them when they twit .