Wednesday, May 15, 2013

3-415 - Twitter

Students of class 3-415,
Last week we did our first lesson about Twitter and how to post a tweet. Today we did a quick review.

I would like you to comment with answers to a few questions. This is a bit of a quiz on some of the terms we learned last week as well as a personal reflection.

Here are the questions (the first 6 are short answer, the last 2 are extended response)...

  1. what is the # symbol called?
  2. if you are tweeting for the lab what # will you always use?
  3. what are the 3 PS10 #s?
  4. how many characters can a tweet be?
  5. do pictures count as characters?
  6. what is the Computer Lab Twitter name?
  7. what do you think about Twitter?
  8. what are your thoughts about instantly publishing your work to the world?

Please answer all the questions. You are allowed to answer 1-6 as simple, short, responses. 7 & 8 need more detail in full & complete sentences.

We will review all the questions and answers, as well as all proper tweeting procedures once everyone has commented.

Thank you!

Remember - Comment as "Name/URL" and use your first name and last initial (proper capitalization, no URL)- please respond in full and complete sentences - double check your work before posting your comment.


Yasnil S. said...

These are my answers for 1-6. 1 the symbol is called a hashtag. 2 the # we will always use when we are tweeting is #PS10ST. 3 the 3 hashtags are one #PS10SW two #PS10BK and three #PS10ST. 4 a tweet can be 140 characters long. 5 yes pictures do count as characters. 6 the computer labs twitter name is @PS10tec. I think twitter is pretty cool I like it. I think is is really fun tweeting. My thoughts about instantly publishing my work to the internet are I am not that scared .

Jared S. said...

Hashtag. #ps10st. #ps10st #ps1osw. 140. Yes. @ps10tech. I think twitter is great! I really want an account. I think it's pretty scary to be publishing my stuff.

Mona K. said...

1. Hashtag

Twitter is fun!
I feel nerves when the world is reading my tweat.

KristhalynG said...

1. # this is a hashtag
3.#ps10st, #ps10 sw, #ps10bk
4.there can be 140
5.yes pictures count as characters
6.P.S.10 tech
7.I think twitter is so fun
8.My thoughts are reading it over space and capitals.

Micah H said...

3.#ps10st #ps10sw #ps10bk
6.ps10 tech
7.I think twitter is fun
8.My thoughts are happy

AmaryaLM said...

Answers to the quiz for the blog post 3_415 twitter

1. hashtag
3.#ps10st, #ps10br, ps10sw
7. I think twitter is awesome, it is fun learning about it! I want to learn more.
8. It feels a bit scary publishing your work straight to the world where ANYONE can see it! If you make a mistake everyone in the world can see that one mistake, and you can get embarrassed.
H ope I did good on the quiz

Anisa.T. said...

#1 is a hashtag
#2 is sw and st
#3 is #ps10st and# ps10sw and ps10bk
#4 is 140
#5 is yes
#6 is @ps10/tech
#7 is I think it is cool
#8 is I feel very proud because I can express my feelings but not everything because most things are private and I do not anyone to know

Beatrice D said...

1: The # is called a hashtag.
2: You would use #ps10st.
3: #ps10st,#ps10sw #ps10bk.
4: You can only use 140.
5: Pictures don't count as characters.
6: ps10 tech.
7: I think Twitter is cool. You get to look at what people are doing.
8:I feel ok. People get to see whats happening to you.

Nicholas.S said...

this symbol# is a hashtag if i am tweeting for the lab i will use #ps10st.140 characters can be on a do count as characters the computer lab twitter name is @ps10tech i think twitter is really fun. my thoughts about instantly publishing my work to twitter are that i don't have a problem with it.

Jacob P said...

# is a hashtag.If I was tweeting about the lab the hashtag I would use is #ps10st.The three hashtags that we will always use for PS10 is #ps10st #ps10sw #ps10bk.A tweet can be 140 characters count as characters.The computer lab twitter name is PS10tech.I think twitter is cool because you can tweet to the whole world.My thouts about twitter instaly publishing to the world is cool.

RonaldoC said...

It is called a hashtag. It will be ps10st for ever. they are ps10st and ps10sw and ps10bk.It could have 140 characters in your writing. Yes pictures count as character about 35 or less. It is ps10tech. I think tweeter is a good thing because you can put thing that you like and you can retweet. I think it is alittel bad because if you want to get your work back and fix it yopu can't.

Lauren S. said...

This # symbol is called a hashtag. If i am tweeting for the lab i will use a #PS10ST. 140 characters a tweet could be. Yes. the computer lab twitter name is @ps10tech.I think that that twitter is awesome because you get to post comments that are very funny.My thoughts about instantly publishing my work to the world is that the world sees what i write and maybe the people that have a twitter account think that the comments the school posted are funny.

KaiB said...

1. hash tag
2. #st #sw
3. #st #sw #bk
4. 120
5. yes
6. Twitter ps10tec
7. I think twitter is cool because you get to speak with other people
8. Well first I would have to make shore it is good but I would let the world see it.

DavidG said...

1. The name of # is a hashtag
2. I will use # ps10st.
3. #ps10st. #ps10s.w #ps10bk.
4. There can be 140 characters
5. Pictures do count as characters
6. Ps10 tech
7. I think it might be cool cause i can talk to my moms mom and my dads dad in Mexico
8. My thoughts are why does the world have to know what you wright

Nicholas M said...

1.Hash tag
2.1 hash tag
3.PS 10bk PS 10sw PS 10st
6.Twitter PS 10Tech
7.dont know
8.dont know

Aminuz Z said...

Answer2-sw and st
Answer3-PS10sw,PS10,st,and PS10BK
Answer4 -140 characters
Answer7- I think Twitter is cool. And Twitter is complicated but it sounds fun. Twitter is awesome!
Answer8- My thoughts about posting on Twitter to the world is I will be nervous because the post is out there for people to look at it.

TessNR said...

6.PS 10 Tech
7.Twitter is complicated but it is fun.
8.I think the owner should approve before it is published to the world.

andrewj said...

1.Hash Tag
2. one hash tags
3. br sw st
4. 140
5. yes
6. @ ps10 tech comments
8.people thinking about my comment

Liam P said...

tech ps10
I think twitter is cool and complicated
My thoughts are that whoa everyone in the world will see this!

Edwin P. said...

3.sw bk st
7.twitter is awesome feels cool

LukeP said...

1. hashtag
2. #ps10st
3. #ps10st #ps10sw #ps10bk
4. 104
5. yes
6. ps10tech
7. I like Twitter
8. A little scary

Amjad R. said...

1 The # symbol is a hashtag.
2 If you are tweeting the # you always use is P.S.10.
3 #ps10st. ps10s. w ps10bk.
4 the number of characters a tweet can be is 140
5 yes pictures do count as characters
6 the name of the computer lab on tweeter is p.s.10tek
7 i think tweeter is boring
8 my thoughts about publishing on tweeter is shy

carterN said...

The answers to question 1-6 are
2.#ps10 st sw st
5. yes
6.@ ps10 tech
I think twitter is fun.
My thoughts about instantly publishing my work to the world are that I hope people like my work.

Liam P said...

i think twitter is cool. it is cool because the world instantly knows what is going on in the they can see what we are working on.