Thursday, December 22, 2011

5th Grade - Christmas Break 12/2011 - Is Technology Valuable to You?

5th graders,
You have sat in this, or another, computer lab for the better part of 5 years.

You have learned how to word process, make presentations, use the internet for research, and so on.

I have 4 questions, answer them in full and complete sentences with proper spelling and grammar...

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3rd Grade - Christmas Break 12/2011 - What are your traditions?

Many people celebrate Christmas. Many people celebrate other holidays this time of year such as Hanukah and Kwanzaa. Many people create their own celebrations.

A tradition is something done on a regular basis. Putting up a Christmas tree is a tradition. Lighting a Menorah is a tradition. Always going skiing on New Years Eve is a tradition. I always do my Christmas present shopping on Christmas Eve, that is my personal tradition...

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4th Grade - Christmas Break 12/2011 - Technology & You

4th graders, please answer these 2 questions over the Christmas Vacation....

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