Thursday, March 25, 2010

4th & 5th Graders - The technology of movies...

Technology and computers are used in almost all aspects of daily life. One place computers are used, but you may not realize, is in making animated movies.

A good friend of Mr. Casal's, Craig, was the Production Manager on Dreamworks latest movie, How to Train Your Dragon. He played an important role in getting the movie from ideas on the page to the big screen. Craig has generously agreed to answer your questions, here on the blog, about the movie.

Here is the assignment:

There are 2 options - 1) Go out and see How to Train Your Dragon in the theater or 2) Watch the trailer online.

If you do not want to go see the movie you can see the trailer here:
Click on this link:
Click on "View Trailer"

Once you have watched the trailer or gone to the movie you must answer the following questions, and ask at least one question of your own, for Craig to answer, about the movie.

1) How does this movie look different than others (animated or not) you have seen?
2) What role do you think computers and technology play in making a movie like this?
3) Ask Craig a question... did watching the movie make you wonder about anything? Did you
see something in the movie or trailer you want to learn more about?

*(UPDATE - Craig has been answering the questions - look at the comments section, Craig's first response is about 7 down from the top - read his post. Read all the previous comments to see if your question was already asked, and if so, think of a different question to ask.
Craig has already answered the "how do you make it 3D" and "where did the story come from" questions... look for those answers in the comments....

All replies must be posted by the time you arrive in Mr. Casal's Computer Lab after the vacation.

Have a great Spring Break!

Remember - Comment as "Name/URL" and use your first name and last initial (proper capitalization, no URL)- please respond in full and complete sentences - double check your work before posting your comment.