Tuesday, November 20, 2012

4th Grade - Thanksgiving 11/2012 - How to Cook a Turkey

You are in charge of cooking Thanksgiving dinner. You have to cook a turkey and 2 side dishes (a side dish is usually mashed potato, mac & cheese, stuffing, etc).

How are you going to cook the turkey? What side dishes are you going to make?

3rd Grade - Thanksgiving 11/2012 - What is Thanksgiving?

What is Thanksgiving? Do you know where the holiday came from? Do you know some of the myths of thanksgiving?

5th Grade - Thanksgiving 11/2012 - Who's Coming To Dinner?

Imagine you are hosting Thanksgiving. You can invite one person to eat with. That one person can be anyone at all. It must be a living person, but other than that you can choose anyone in the world to share Thanksgiving dinner....

Friday, November 2, 2012

No, I Don’t Teach Typing

Takeaway: After years of the same question, I felt it was high time I answered the question, and explained my rationale. No, I don't teach typing...

Every year, at least a dozen times a year, I get asked if I “teach typing.” Why do I place that in quotation marks? Because in general, when people ask, they are referring to basic keyboarding skills. Home keys and such. And no, I don’t “teach typing.” But that doesn’t mean I don’t teach students how to type. But what is more important is that I teach far more than typing. I see students once a week and in my professional opinion, with over nine years’ experience as a computer teacher, “teaching typing” is a waste of time. Time is better spent on technical skills, core technology knowledge base, and creative productivity.