Friday, December 21, 2012

5th Grade - Christmas Break 12/2012 - Time Lapse

5th Graders,
Ever want to see all of New York City in 5 minutes? Central Park change colors during the Fall in less than 3 minutes? New York in both day and night, at the same time?

Time lapse, that's how!

What is "time lapse" you ask?

4th Grade - Christmas Break 12/2012 - Climb Mt. Everest

4th Graders,
Last year you did an assignment during the February vacation in which you looked at 360 degree panoramas. Remember, a panorama is a wide-angle look at something. 360 degrees is a full circle...

You were able to look at a monument or city from every angle. You got a birds-eye view, a view you've never seen before.

This year we will use the same technology, high quality panoramic images, to climb Mt. Everest...

Your assignment:

3rd Grade - Christmas Break 12/2012 - Technology & You

3rd graders, please answer these 2 questions over the Christmas Vacation....

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