Friday, June 18, 2010

Some fun things for the summer...

Just because it's summer doesn't mean this blog shuts down. Check back periodically for updates and useful links.

Here are a few websites you might enjoy playing with over the summer...

is an interactive music creation site. You create your own sheet music using various instruments and cords and can hear your composition played instantly. Free and fun.

For those of you who like to dance and prefer the mixed sounds of a DJ over live instruments check out the Fat Boy Slim Online Mixing Game. You get to create your own beats and mixes and watch the games characters dance to your creations. This was created by the DJ/musician Fat Boy Slim with the help of BBC Radio (British Broadcasting Corporation).

probably the simplest of the 3 musical sites, but no less entertaining. Create a 5-track mix using drums, guitars, piano, synthesizers and more.

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Cesar Acosta said...

I liked music mixer