Wednesday, May 13, 2009

4th Grade Met game

Today the 4th grade goes to see the New York Met's play the Atlanta Braves at Citi Field!

What are you looking forward to most about this field trip?

What is your first memory of baseball? Is it a baseball game that you went to, or a game you played in the park?

Who is your favorite baseball team and why?

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Tony J said...

What I am looking forward to the most is geting a baseball.
My first memory of baseball is going to play baseball in the park with my mom and two big sister.
My favorite baseball team is the Yankees because they won the World Series in 1999.

brandon v said...

My first expirance with baseball was in a baseball team. I staerted baseball when I was in first graed. It is fun to play basebll I also like to wacth baseball.

Genesis V said...

on trhis field trip I am looking forward to seeing the mets win. I hope we get good sits to see tthe whole field. I hope that the mets win.

My first memeory is that when I was 5-years old I would watch the Mets play.I used to love the mests but Idon't anymore.

I never went to a basball game in my life, this will be my first time going to a basball game.

My favorite basball team is the Boston Red Soxs and the New York Doggers. these are my favoite basball teams.

Terrance M. said...

I look forward to the Mets winning the game.I want to see the baseball team.My first memory of baseball was seeing the Mets play on tv.My favorite baseball team is the Yankee.Because my dad likes the Yankee.

Kiara D said...

I am looking foward to see the Mets win the Atlanta Braves and getting autographs from the Mets especially David Wright.
My first memory of baseball is when I went with my uncles,aunts,cousins and my mom.We were watching the Yankees but they lost a couple of points.
Its a game I went to see the Yankees play and my uncle Anthony caught a foul ball.
My favorite baseball team is the mets because they played lots of game and won most of the games.

Briana R said...

On this trip I am looking most forward to seeing the mets win the Atlana Braves. I wish we could get front row seets to get a foul ball. And to see the whole game. And get snacks.

My first memory of base ball is me and my uncle playing in the park. I always get a fouol ball. And when I picth the ball to my uncle he gets a home run.But I still think I'm good at base ball.

My favorite base ball team is the New York Yankees. Becuase When I saw a base ball game at my moms house it was the Yankees. Thats why I like the Yankees.

Maria R said...

What I am looking forwardto is to see the Met's play at the Alanta Braves Citi Field.

What I remember is that I played baseball for fun at the park and I still play baseball when I go to the park for like 3or5 times and sometimes more then that.

My best baseball players are the Met's because I like the way that they play.

Jomar L said...

is that I whont the mets to win becouse I like the Mets.I was playing a game and i ask my uncle who is your baseball player?he told me it was the mets so I liked the mets too.I like the Mets becouse the first time I sall the Mets playng i start to like the Mets more than i use to.

Jalissa S said...

I'm looking forward to see the Mets win the baseball game against the Atlanta.

My first memory of baseball is a game that i played in the park. I played it with my cousin Kayla.

my favorite baseball team is the Red Socks. That's my favorite baseball team because they sometimes win everytime.

Armando B said...

Im looking forwards our trip to citi field so I could meet the Mets and the Braves players. And catching their ball.
My first memory of baseball is going to the Yankee and Boston game in Yankee Stadium.
My favorate baseball team is the Boston Red Sox because that was the team I want to go for when I went.

janessa G said...

I am looking most foward to see the mets game and win.

My memory baseball game is a game that I was playing in the park.I played it with my friends.

My favorite baseball team is the Red Socks because the Red socks get more points.

Erick R said...

I am looking forward to see the baseball game of Mets against Atlanta Braves at citi field.Another one is if I could catch a ball at the game.I would like to see someone make a homerun in the game today.

My first memory was the RedSox because when I saw the game of RedSox they stole base and they made like more then 5 homerun.That was my very first memory.

My favorate team is the RedSox because I saw all the players were very good. They made some homerun in the game.

Adriana P said...

My first memory of baseball was when I went to the baseball game and being a Yanekee fan. I remember I was very happy and I like the Yanekee's. I was a huge Yanekee fan. I am looking forward to see them today.

I am forward looking to see the Mets today . I hope I caught a ball today. I am forward to get a ball singed from the Mets. I would like to meet the Mets.

The Mets is my favorite Team .They will always be my favorite team.

Samiha Sultana said...

I liked the show with the figure skating,because I had gone figure skating before.